Currently, we still haven’t seen the real products of AHD DVR. Since Nextchip is the AHD solution provider, it also offers AHD codec chipset – NVP6114. NVP6114 is designed to encode and record the video footage from AHD cameras. AHD DVR based on NVP6114 can support 4 channel AHD and 9 channel audio codec. It can work with 1.0 megapixel and 1.3 megapixel AHD cameras, deliver high quality images.

NVP6114 includes 4-Channel AHD1.0 RX and 9-Channel Audio Codec. 4-Channel AHD1.0 RX delivers high quality images. It accepts separate 4 CVBS/COMET/AHD1.0 inputs from Camera and the other video signal sources. It digitizes and decodes NTSC/PAL/COMET/AHD1.0 video signal into digital video signal which represents 8-bit BT.656/BT.656like 4:2:2 byte interleave format with 27/36/54/72/108/144MHz multiplexed. Especially, It is able to use same transmission cable with conventional one for COMET(SD level) and AHD 1.0 (HD level), and they provide the superior image quality by minimizing the interference when separating Y and C. 9-Channel Audio Codec is 8-Channel Voice/1-Channel Mic PCM Codec which handles voice band signals(300Hz~3400Hz) with 8bit/16bit linear PCM, 8bit G.711(u-law, a-law) PCM. Built-in audio controller can generate digital outputs for recording/mixing and accepts digital input for playback. 4-Channel Coaxial Communication Protocol communicates between controller(DVR) and camera on the video signal through coaxial cable. COMET is Composite Video of Enhanced Technology in SD video by NEXTCHIP. AHD is a video transmission technology in HD video by NEXTCHIP.